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The Argon Queen free update hits TERA in August

July 27, 2012 No comment

The fans of the action-packed combat of TERA have new reasons to rejoice, as En Masse Entertainment announces the latest and most important update the MMO has ever seen. The exiled realm of Arborea will be transformed by the addition of larger battlegrounds and more challenging dungeons, while its heroes
will also adjust to the change. The update is free, so those who are hooked on Tera and its beautiful world, will find plenty of things to do as soon as the Argon Queen becomes available for download.

A video teaser has already been released and it allows Tera players to catch a glimpse at the upcoming features introduced by the Argon Queen update. Among the first things viewers will notice is the fact that classes such as Warriors and Lancers have been tweaked to make them more competitive and versatile. A warrior will now tank more efficiently without losing its ability of inflicting serious damage, while the Lancer’s increased mobility will make it more agile on the battlefield.

Speaking of which, the update introduces players into the intense action of large scales battlegrounds, where up to 30 players can go head to head. The brave few will get the chance to venture into the dungeons of Argon Corpus, Sirjuka Gallery and ultimately confront the primal evil in Manaya’s Core. Bigger and more vicious BAMs will roam the realm of Arborea and players will need to rely both on their skill and the company of others to prevail.


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