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World Of Warcraft CD Key (EU)

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wow keys
The key/download will be instantly delivered to you online, after your payment is complete and verified (in some rare cases it may take up to 1 hour for new customers).
This is an official Blizzard Authentication Key. Once activated this code will give you access to World of Warcraft with 30 days game play time included for free.
This prepaid card code can only be redeemed by accounts registered in United Kingdom & EU countries.
The activation key is delivered as a scan of the original retail package. This will prove your ownership of the product and also prevent any typing errors.
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World of Warcraft Authentication Key

You will receive a brand new, genuine WOW CD Key (authentication key) with access to “The Burning Crusade” expansion pack & 30 days of free game-play time. This is a EU (European Edition) World of Warcraft authentication key code for use on WoW servers in Europe & UK.
World of Warcraft accounts are generated using the authentication key included in each retail copy. This key controls account creation only; it is not needed to install or reinstall the game client onto a computer.

The game this key will activate also includes The Burning CrusadeWrath of the Lich King expansion packs.

This is not a time card. Click here if you need a time card.

Please note: this game is played online only; you’ll need an Internet connection, plus a credit card for registration. A monthly subscription fee, payable by credit card or prepaid game time card, is applicable

How To Redeem your World of Warcraft Authentication Key

  • Log into your account on, or create one if you do not already have one.
  • Click “Games & Codes” and click to add a new game to your account.
  • Type in the authentication key you just received from us.
  • Click to activate the game to your account.

World Of Warcraft – WOW game description

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last ten years, World of Warcraft is a name that you are very familiar with. This massively multiplayer online role-playing game has the power of keeping players wired for years due to engrossing content that gets refurbished week after week. The world of Azerothawaits brave heroes who are ready to purge evil and banish some of the most iconic villains ever created.
Choose your class and customize your character carefully, because the odds are high that it will become your alter ego for months to come. The immersive campaign is second only to the PvP gameplay, that pits some of the best players against each other in the ultimate test of skill.

World Of Warcraft Cinematic Trailer


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