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Far Cry 3 Activation Key

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retail Max Payne 3 key details
The key/download will be instantly delivered to you online, after your payment is complete and verified (in some rare cases it may take up to 1 hour for new customers).
You will be the first owner of this Ubisoft CD-Key, scanned from the original retail package of the game. It activates the game and enables you to play on the official Uplay servers.
This key will work worldwide, it doesn't have any region restiction.
The activation key is delivered as a scan of the original retail package. This will prove your ownership of the product and also prevent any typing errors.
This key is NOT for Steam.
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Far Cry 3 Lost Expedition Edition CD Key

You will receive a genuine / new Far Cry 3 CD Key (activation code). It is delivered as a scan of the the original retail game key, directly from a brand new DVD boxed copy of Far Cry 3.

Download the game legally directly from publisher download manager HERE  and use the key we provide to activate the game.

Far Cry 3 Lost Expedition Edition contains two exclusive missions not available in the regular version. These missions, “The Forgotten Experiment” and “Ignition in the Deep”, offer up an extra 40 minutes of gameplay.

This key is NOT for Steam. This CD Key is meant to be used on the retail the game installer / Uplay launcher.

Far Cry 3 -Game Description

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Genres: First-person shooter, open world, action-adventure
Official Website: Far Cry 3

On an island located far away from civilization where hope has all but vanished, Jason Brody tries to survive in a hostile environment. It is your role to do the right choices if you can, or join the bad guys for what might appear to be an easier passage through life. Stranded and surrounded by misery and injustice, the only goal is to live another day and keep the tiny hope alive that you will eventually return home.

Far Cry 3 pits you against seemingly insurmountable odds, and proves once more that sometimes violence solves everything. With ethics and morality all but gone, you are your own master but keep in mind that your actions will shape your future.

Far Cry 3 Trailer


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