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Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Origin Key

Price $20.95
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origin key
The key/download will be instantly delivered to you online, after your payment is complete and verified (in some rare cases it may take up to 1 hour for new customers).
This is an official EA Games ORIGIN Key. Once activated through Origin you can download the game and play it on the official servers.
This key will work worldwide, it doesn't have any region restriction.
The activation key is delivered as a scan of the original retail package. This will prove your ownership of the product and also prevent any typing errors.
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Battlefield 3 Origin CD Key – Worldwide

You will receive a genuine, new Battlefield 3 Limited Edition CD Key (photo or scan of the unique activation key found inside the original Battlefield 3 retail box).

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition includes Back to Karkand DLC.

New: Battlefield 4 is now in stock!

How To Redeem:

  • 1. Login to Origin with the EA account you would like your game added to. If you don’t have an account already register for free.
  • 2. In the upper right hand section of the screen you will see the options sprocket icon.
  • 3. Click on the icon to open the drop-down menu.
  • 4. Select “Redeem Game Code.”
  • 5. Enter the serial key. The game will be added to your “My Games” section of Origin.

Battlefield 3 – Game Info

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE
Genres: First-person shooter
Official Website: Battlefield 3

Whether you are ready or not, war is upon you and combat has never been so intense or engulfing as in Battlefield 3. Using the latest Frostbite 2 technology, the latest installment delivers unmatched visual effects, awe inspiring audio and state of the art gameplay. Get ready for an all-out conflict and step in as an elite soldier having nothing in mind but victory.

Assuming the role of U.S Marines, players will cruise through a gripping storyline and get a taste of how real-life combat feels. Multiplayer is the final frontier in Battlefield 3 and it takes players to remote locations all around the world, to face equally diverse opponents

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