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A glimpse at Need For Speed Most Wanted – E3 2012

June 09, 2012 No comment

Any gamer looks forward for E3, an event that draws huge crowds and interest as the latest and most
highly anticipated games are unveiled. Spending a limited period of time with Need For Speed Most
Wanted 2 doesn’t do it justice, but this glimpse into what EA and Criterion Games are preparing is more
than enough to stir up curiosity. This title promises to combine the best from both worlds, by merging
together the iconic Need for Speed Most Wanted with the celebrated Burnout Paradise.

Players will get the chance of being the bad guys again, break any traffic law conceivable and then evade
the police for as long as possible. Smashing cars into walls and causing havoc in densely populated cities
has never been so much fun and given the experience Criterion Games has with this genre, we can’t say
that we are surprised. The police is the main concern for players, but the true challenge is to outshine their
peers and become the most wanted driver.

The recipe for success is straightforward and if Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 is to keep players
hooked for more than a few weeks, it is due to the perpetual race to outstrip the competition. In terms
of visual effects and gameplay, this latest installment will surpass the original and also the Burnout
Paradise, despite the fact that the aforementioned titles raised the bar so high. The trailer is engrossing
and revealing enough, but until you actually get behind the wheel, you can’t say that you truly know what
Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 is all about.

You won’t find the realism that is specific to Gran Turismo in Need For Speed Most Wanted 2, but you
will get enough adrenaline to last for an year. The developers are revealing only a fraction of what this
title is supposed to be and we’ll have to wait until October to unveil everything that hides behind the
curtain. For the time being it is safe to assume that by the time Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 hits the
stores, the hype will reach levels that are yet to be surpassed by a racing game.


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